ITH : International Trade and Health Programme
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International Trade and Health Programme 2017-2021

International Trade and Health Programme (ITH) is one of the priority programmes under the collaboration between the Royal Thai Government and the World Health Organization. Agencies under the Royal Thai Government include Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), National Health Commission Office (NHCO), National Health Security Office (NHSO), and Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI). The Programme started its work in 2011, the first phase under the WHO Country Cooperation Strategy 2012-2016 and continues to the second phase, under the WHO Cooperation Strategy 2017-2021.  The ITH Programme works on four main strategies of knowledge generation and management, networking, knowledge communication and policy advocacy, and capacity building. The works of the ITH Programme cover both international trade with and without free trade agreements.

The programme also serves as the technical secretariat of the National Commission on International Trade and Health Study (NCITHS) and uses this platform as one channel for policy advocacy and knowledge exchange. At the same time, through working with the networks, it also advocates for evidence-informed trade and health policies through other channels.

It is expected that, through evidence and knowledge generation and dissemination to the policy makers and the public, trade and health policy coherence will be enabled.

Download hereInternational Trade and Health Programme 2012-2016


ITH : International Trade and Health Programme

  • ITH Goal

    To achieve evidence-informed policy decisions and trade negotiation through participatory process for the positive health outcomes of Thai population  

  • Objectives

    • To generate and manage knowledge on international trade and health
    • To strengthen the evidence based, transparent and participatory trade negotiation processes and mechanisms related to health in line with mechanism of the Article 190 in the 2007 Constitution
    • To build up capacity of all partners to understand the implications and to be able to get the most benefits from international trade, with adequate and effective measures to avoid or mitigate the negative consequences
    • To advocate the knowledge and policy recommendation generated by the Programme to the public and the relevant trade negotiation

    Area of works / pillars: 

    • Trade in health services
    • Trade in health products
    • Trade and environment
    • Trade in food
    • Emerging issues from current free trade negotiation (e.g. CPTPP, Thai-EU FTA)
    • Other hot issues